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Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is a road repair machine manufacturing factory ,which is specialized in manufacturing Asphalt Distributor,Crack Router,Crack Sealing Machine,Chip Spreader,road roller,Asphalt Mixing Plant ,etc.
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1.Operating radius is small, can work in a small area,suitable for groove backfill;
2.With HONDA gasoline engine or famous water-cooled diesel engine,superior performance,easy to operate;
3.With international famous brand PH hydrauulic drive unit,infinitely variable speed;
4.Hydraulic steering,reversing conveniently; Vibratory Road Roller
5.Internationally renowned NSK Bearings,MITSUBOSHI (Samsung) belt, to ensure the work performance of machine;

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CIMLINE, 105DMA Asphalt / Pavers / Concrete Equipment - Asphalt Equipment - Crack Sealers - Towable, 1998 CIMLINE 105DMA CRACK SEALER, SINGLE AXLE PIN... H.E.S. - A&B Farms - Website

CrackPro oil-jacketed mastic melter applicators for asphalt and concrete patching and repair are available in in 250- and 300-gallon capacities. SealMaster CrackPro oil-jacketed mastic melter applicators are designed for melting and applying hot rubberized mastic for filling and leveling wide, transverse or longitudinal cracks and joints; distressed, alligatored pavement; rutted pavement; …

Details. The RY10 PRO has an enclosed halo base-burner system that prevents flame outs, melts crack filler 50% faster and saves 50% on propane costs. The 4-wheel designed RY10 PRO is safe, reliable, and efficient and by far our hottest seller. The redesigned RY10 PRO asphalt crack seal machine was presented at the National Pavement Expo 3 years in a row and officially set the new industry standard for professional asphalt …

RynoWorx RY10MA-PRO V4 is the next evolution in professional crack sealing machines. RynoWorx was started by a seasoned sealcoater who grew up in the industry and knew there had to be a better way to make a quality crack melter and still fit the price point that …

We offer a wide variety of asphalt crack filling equipment for home owners, businesses, property maintenance, schools, municipalities and more, that need to fill cracks in asphalt. Many of our crack filling machines can use either cold or hot crack filler, making them a very versatile tool. Looking for crack filling material instead? we sell that too!

The RY10 Pro 10 gallon Crack Fill Melter Applicator is engineered for contractors who put safety, efficiency and reliability at the top of their lists. 1-855-382-9611 [email protected] 0 Items

Deery Super Stretch Crack & Joint Sealant – Pallet of 75: $1649 : Grand Rapids : Michigan: 12/30/20 : Ryno Worx Infrared Mini Heater: $1799 : Grand Rapids : Michigan: 12/30/20 : 2014 Marathon Kera 400 gallon asphalt crack filler machine: $13750.00 : Taylorville : Illinois: 11/16/20

FLEX-A-FILL® is a hot-applied polymer modified asphalt sealant used to seal cracks in asphalt concrete or Portland cement concrete pavements. FLEX-A-FILL® is highly recommended for use in asphalt pavement prior to coal tar sealing, slurry, overlay or chip sealing. For use on highways, streets, parking lots & airport runways.

The function of the crack sealing machine is to heat the cracks after grooving and cleaning the cracks and use a filling gun to evenly pour the sealant into the grooves to complete the joint repair work. YG asphalt crack sealing equipment can be divided into asphalt crack sealer machine, …

Our crack sealing equipment includes hot pour melters and pour pots for applying crack filling and sealing materials. You will find V and U-shaped crack squeegees in for smoothing rubber and cold pour crack sealants and the cleaning a preparation tools for proper joint cleaning prior to material application.

A crack filling machine is essential for sealing them properly. Select our most popular 2-in-1 RY10 PRO Gallon Crack Filler Melter and Applicator and hot pour rubberized crackfiller, which not only seals cracks, but melts solid rubberized crack filler on its own.

TICAB's BPM500 is designed for heating and pouring sealant for repair and construction work on highways, airfields, parking lots and bridges. Trade Industry Company AB (TICAB) February 26, 2020...

Jan 03, 2021 · For cracks up to 1/2 inch wide in horizontal concrete surfaces, concrete crack sealants and caulk based concrete fillers will be the best option. However, for cracks wider than ½ inch, quick-setting cement-based fillers are advisable to use. Hydraulic-based cement product works best for cracks where there is a presence of water flow.

Crack filler does not achieve the same level of service life as crack sealant, and it does not preserve the pavement as long as crack sealant. Crack sealing is a long-term pavement preservation solution while crack filling is a band-aid.

The RY10MA—Pro Crack Fill Melter Applicator, Version 4. The RY10MA—Pro Professional Crack Fill Melter Applicator’s patented design uses up to 50% less fuel than traditional melter applicators and is the industry’s only direct-fired style melter applicator with an internal burner.

The RY10 Crack Fill Melter Applicator was designed to provide the most efficient, safe, reliable and easy-to-use hot rubberized crack fill machine. Contractors …

When you want a crack filler melter that can keep your crew working steadily through the day, and use less fuel to boot, then meet the RY30MK Pro Melter Kettle from Rynoworx. It's the first ever 30 gallon asphalt melter for sale to have an independently controlled dual sealed halo burner feature.

In part one of our three-part series, The Ultimate Paving Maintenance Guide, we cover how to crack seal right, step by step. Cracks come in all shapes and sizes. Sealing them in a timely manner is one of the most effective ways to maintain the quality of your pavement. One of the biggest mistakes is waiting too long to begin maintenance.

FGF-100 Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine. Mainly used for irregular cracks of asphalt pavement,concrete pavement, bridge expansion joints, sewer, gas pipe buried and paving road links waterproof processing.

2002 Stepp 125 OJK Crack Sealer #CEP-4548. Manufacturer: Stepp 2002 Stepp 125 gallon OJK Crack Sealer 125 gallon capacity tank Propane burner Pump and spray wand system were updated in 2018 Machine has been always been stored in dry shed

Jan 08, 2013 · The Crack Pro CP-125 is an oil-jacketed melter/applicator for hot pour crack sealing materials. Both the burner and engine are powered by diesel fuel for …

This Stepp 125 gallon Oil Jacketed (double boiler) Asphalt Crack Sealing Kettle is used to melt rubberized crack sealing and water proofing compounds, and apply them to roads, parking lots, and bridge decks to repair and seal cracks.

Flex-A-Fill Professional Grade, from Crafco, Inc. is a hot poured polymer modified asphalt sealant used to seal cracks in streets, driveways, and commercial parking lots. Flex-A-Fill Professional Grade MUST be used in a Direct Fire or Oil Jacketed professional melter applicator machine.

It is the lowest profile machine in the industry, which allows operators to easily see traffic and pedestrians that may be around the job site. ). Crack Pro’s 18-foot heated hose(s) (also available at 22 feet) allows for application of smooth, pliable crack sealant and eliminates the need for flushing.

Hotbox 10 did the job . Started out melting pl500 sealant by hand and pouring into crack , went through 15 lbs and 3 hours on one crack . Hotbox did entire job in 3 hrs and used only 50 lbs . The shoe on machine made pro looking results . Machine delivered in tine , customer service eay to work with

160l Asphalt Crack Sealing Machines from Zhongshan Enuo Machinery Limited at B2B discounted price. We are one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of 160l Asphalt Crack Sealing Machines in China. Please wait while your account is being registered at Tradewheel . Get Free Access to Thousands of Suppliers and Buyers .

The RY10MA - PRO Crack Fill Melter Applicator was designed to provide the most efficient, safe, reliable and easy-to-use hot rubberized crack fill machine. Contractors can melt and apply up to 400 feet per hour; 3200 feet per day. The RY1O MA-PRO Professional Crack Fill Melter Applicator’s patented design uses up to 50% less fuel than traditional melter applicators and is the industries only ...

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Description THE GAP AND CRACK ATTACKER. All of those gaps and cracks in the average home are letting heat and conditioned air leak out and unwanted air sneak in. Create greater comfort by sealing those openings with a heavy-duty, fire-blocking version of GREAT STUFF PRO™ Gaps & Cracks.

Turn to B&E Coating for Quality Asphalt Crack Repair in Greater Michigan. Asphalt crack repair is the single most effective asphalt maintenance procedure when it comes to protecting and extending the life of your pavement. To ensure a safe and sound lot, it is critical to seal asphalt cracks with a pressurized Crafco machine as soon as possible after they develop.

Save with the JointMaster Pro Kit. - JM Pro2 Professional Joint Filler Pump - 6500 QuickFix, 80 Shore, 50 Gallon Kit / 100 Gallon Kit / 300 Gallon Kit QuickFix is the SealBoss Line of professional polyurea joint fillers and polyurethane spall repair products.

Mar 09, 2016 · Working cracks are horizontal and/or vertical movements in cracks greater than 0.1 inches. An example of working cracks is a transverse crack. Understanding crack sealants. Crack sealants are rubberized and have the ability to seal the crack while …

MA10 Melter and Hot Rubber Applicator on Wheels used for hot-applied crack sealants. The MA10 Push Cart Rubber Melter has inner and outer tanks built with heavy 14-gauge steel. Has a propane bottle platform (tank not included). Easily capable of hot applying 600 lbs of sealant …

I gave Pavement Depot 5 stars for a variety of reasons. They are by far the best in the business for any of your needs for your business. They went above and beyond to help me out in every way possible, whether it was assisting me in purchasing a sealing unit, explaining and showing me how to use and set up the unit, to helping me out with pricing out prospective jobs properly.

Professional road Crack Seal Machine Road Repairing Product Introduction and Application •Road crack sealing machine is mainly used for asphalt pavement, cement pavement surface cracks repair and treatment.In the highway, municipal highway, garden roads, county roads and other aspects,the machine can irrigate asphalt, pour glue, etc..

This is the machine you’ll want to use for all of your crack sealing and asphalt repair jobs. B & E Sealcoat offers you The RY30MK-PRO. It is the worlds first 30-Gallon direct fired crack fill melter kettle featuring dual internal burners. This kettle is designed to be free standing, or optionally bolted to any truck or trailer. Its heavy-duty molasses valve allows you to control the flow of ...

2012 CRAFCO, 25 Asphalt / Pavers / Concrete Equipment - Concrete Equipment - Concrete Saws, 2012 Crafco Model 25 Pavement Router, 38 ACTUAL HOURS, 2 c... Western Trencher & Equipment, Inc. - Website Woodland, CA - 600 mi. away

RY10 PRO Crack Seal Melter & Applicator Machine . RY10 Pro 10 Gallon Crack Filler Melter / Applicator: the most advanced 10-gallon melter on the market! Push button electric start. FREE SHIPPING to most locations in Canada! CA$1,999.00. Torch & Adaptor for RY10 PRO Crack …

3.5 lb. Driveway Crack Sealer Refill From the highway to your driveway, u-seal From the highway to your driveway, u-seal USA gives you a commercial grade hot liquefied rubber driveway crack sealer. Used on airports, highways and roads. Outlast every crack filler on the market and save hundreds versus professional repair.

The professional crack sealing methods used by ACI provide a very effective first defense against pavement deterioration. Early and proper sealing of cracks keeps water from entering the opening and weakening the base or sub-base. It also keeps dirt, sand and stone from getting compressed into the cracks and creating additional stress.

QPR 50lb 6690 Hot-Applied Crack Sealant is a professional grade asphalt crack sealer used to repair long linear cracks, sealing out moisture and promoting a long-lasting repair and attractive appearance. ASTM D 6690 Certified Direct Fire/Oil-Jacketed Compatible 48 hour delivery anywhere in the US Quality & Performance GUARANTEED

Premium quality joint and crack sealing material. For professional use only. Meets or exceeds all ASTM standards. Qty. OVERVIEW. North America’s #1 selling retail hot applied crack sealant. QPR 6690 meets all ASTM specifications and can be used in direct-fire and oil-jacketed melters. For commercial application only, 6690 can be used for ...

The RY10 PRO Crack Melter & Applicator Your Money-Making Vending Machine. We simply ship you the state-of-the-art RY10 PRO crack filler melter and applicator machine and you start renting it! The RY10 PRO is extremely easy to operate and maintain.

SealBest Concrete Sealer is a professional grade 100% acrylic water-based clear drying emulsion. It is designed to seal and protect both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Uses Driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, floors, quarry tiles, paver bricks, brick surfaces, masonry, and more. Directions

Protect your investment. Call Bradley Asphalt Sealing & Services to Save Your Asphalt!Asphalt care is our #1 priority. We provide 1) professional and quality products, 2) trained, respectful crew members, 3) annual follow-ups and check-ins, 4) low, competitive pricing options, and 5) tailored knock-your-socks-off 1st-time customer and group discounts!

The Easy-Peel Pro Crack Injection Kit uses the Easy-Peel polyurea surface sealer instead of epoxy. After the injected polymer cures, the surface sealer can be pulled off leaving clean, bare concrete. The standard epoxy surface sealer leaves a layer of epoxy, which …

Industry Leading Infrastructure, Concrete Repair, Crack Injection & Leak-Seal Waterproofing Technologies Products, Equipment and Training SealBoss ® specialty construction products and equipment — commercial and residential — for structural, water stop, floor repair, slab lifting and geotechnical applications.

FGF-60 Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine. Mainly used for sealing concrete and asphalt road crack.

The direct fire crack filler hardens deep inside the crack, sealing out moisture and preventing it from being able to penetrate the asphalt. Not only does our hot applied crack sealant prevent further cracks from developing, but it also provides a long-term repair solution, as …

Our 20’ electrically heated hose for Cimline Crack Sealing Kettles = improved flexibility,heating and lighter than OEM Cimline hoses 518-218-7676

Apply on all seams and joints. Sikaflex 1cSL Flexible Self Leveling Polyurethane Concrete Expansion Joint and Crack Sealant Kit, Limestone, 12 x 10.1 fl oz Cartridge (1/2 Case) + AWF Pro Caulk Gun 4.9 out of 5 stars 30 $107.94 Low-viscosity, high-strength epoxy sealing system Sikadur® Crack Fix is a 2-component, 100 % solids, moisture-tolerant, low-viscosity, high-strength, multi-purpose ...